St Paddy’s in the Beaver East

It’s all a little hazy, but from what I can recall, St Paddy’s Day in the Beaver East was epic. Everyone was in great spirits and in the mood to party hard and drink green beer and Agwa. I think a lot of people showed up drunk to their various jobs around Banff.

There was plenty of dancing after the Irish stew finished. Josh, the newest member of our maintenance team, got really into the spirit of the night when he allowed Em to paint his entire chest green. For some reason this inspired several other boys to take their shirts off and dance. I’m not sure anyone can explain that…Maybe it was in celebration, because it started shortly after Nick was named the winner of the coveted Big Rocksnowboard. Nick wasn’t the only winner for the night, RayRay was very pleased with the Sex in the Outdoors book she also won in the draw and hopes to try out some of its moves this summer – and Banff’s just the place to do it. Steve and James won drinks for their enthusiastic dance moves and after an intense limbo competition the “judges” called a three way tie between Em, Ralphie and Caroline.

I’d relay more of the stories but someone gave me a Bacardi 151 bomb and everything gets pretty vague in after that.



A Welcome Home and a Farewell

My little sister is visiting this week on her way to Lebanon (yes, I’m crazy amounts of jealous about that, her life is awesome. Enough said) so we met up for dinner and a few drinks. It being Tuesday night, and us wanting to party on after dinner, I brought her to the Beaver for the epic welcome home drinks for a couple of Samesun’s prodigal sons, Luke and Clint, if you’ve stayed at Samesun or drank in the Beaver in the past 5 years you’ve probably come across one of them. It also happened to be Elaine’s final Open Mic night in Vancouver, so needless to say, we were greeted by several happy drunk people when we arrived.

Unfortunately, Luke and Clint didn’t do a romantic duet, but a couple of members from Elaine’s fan club did, singing a tribute version of her song “Missing You”. A few old faces turned up for the night too, and several local Vancouver musicians came to impress us with their song stylings, which is always a bonus in a the Beav. Elaine sang a few of her classics too, and got the crowd going. Her departure is going to leave, as she humbly says, “a gaping hole in Vancouver”. But don’t despair, she’ll be keeping Beaver East crowds warm in Banff all winter, which I’m pretty stoked about since I’ll be moving there in a couple months. So, if you’re in Banff in the next few months, make sure you stop in to say hi to us and ask her to play you a song. Well, see if you can stop her!


Watching and Yelling in the Beaver

The Canucks going deep in the playoffs is making my liver and vocal chords hurt, but I’m not going to complain. I was in the Beaver the other night for the Canucks elimination win over the Nashville Predators. Things are a little hazy today, but i’ve recounted the event as best I can:

I came in and sat politely at the bar and ordered an ale. The Canucks scored. Then they scored again. Something arrived in a shot glass. Two more periods of hockey played. I became friends with some Aussie dudes. I think I visited McDonalds.

Hazy yes. But we won and are in the conference finals for the first time in 17 years! This calls for a celebration! To the Beaver!


A Backpacker’s Adventure – First Stop Vancouver Samesun Hostel

Join some fellow backpackers on their adventure in and around Vancouver, BC. Explore the great Samesun Hostel on Granville Street which offers affordable accommodations and see sights such as the Sea Wall, Grouse Mountain and more. Presented by your friends at Samesun Backpacker Lodges.

This is the first in the series of promo videos as we work our way across BC and Alberta and introduce you to our Hostels first hand.

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